Our Better Lighting Promise.

It's no surprise that brides are wanting high quality event lighting.  After all, good lighting adds more interest and pizazz to a wedding reception that any other decoration available.  Uplighting sets the tone of an event from the very beginning.  Proper event lighting purposefully brightens a room and sets the expectation of your guests for a fantastic and energetic evening.


Color Selection

We promise to use the proper color to enhance the event space.  By using quality uplighting, vibrant colors are best to add "pop" to pictures and interest to memories.  After all, wouldn't you rather create a dramatic positive impact for you and your guests?  If you're looking for subtle colors like white or amber, we can certainly help with that as well.  Color should be used to add an impact while at the same time being appropriate to the wedding and the event space.  

High Quality LED Light Fixtures

Many event lighting companies are still using the cheaper incandescent light fixtures.  These fixtures get hot, require a lot of power and have limited gel-filtering color choices.  We only use cool-to-the-touch, quiet and low power consuming LED light fixtures.  Our LED fixtures feature endless color mixing possibilities that can be quickly modified if the wall color adversely affects your color choice.  

Lights Without the Cords

Some of the most magnificent events happen in some of the most unique spaces.  Many times, these unique spaces have limited power sources that force lighting companies to run an extensive network of unappealing power cords.  We use high-powered, long lasting battery operated lights to compliment our modern plug-in style LED lights.  With up to 12 hours of full power lighting, our battery lights save set-up time (virtually eliminating labor costs) and improve strike time.  You'll never have to worry about a dark spot in the room due to low power availability.   

The Right Amount of Lights

It may sound like an inexpensive idea to just do "a few lights" but it never looks good to just do "a few lights". When you reduce the number of fixtures, it is apparent to everyone.  We promise to properly gauge a room for the best color presentation.  For most weddings with 200 seated guests, the room size is on average 2000 square feet. For a 2000 square foot room, we typically install 20 uplights consisting of round wash par lights, battery-operated HEX LED well lights and linear wash bars. 

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A little wow or a BIG WOW doesn't have to be expensive. It's really easy to transform your event space from plain and boring to simply WOW!

JRF Event Lighting in St. Louis

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Premium Backdrops and Pipe & Drape

It's easy to create a beautiful, intimate event space even when the event space isn't all that beautiful.  With our premium fabric draping, we can cover walls with fabric, crystal and lights, effortlessly transporting your wedding dreams into reality.  

Premium Fabrics

Our high quality fabrics drape beautifully in any space. Standard white and black are always available but we're happy to customize the fabric color and material.  From sheer voile to velour and even satin, we've got the right fabric for your event!

Proper Sizing

Too often, decorators are stuck using 8' tall pipe & drape for backdrops and wall covering.  This short , trade-show style pipe & drape is improperly scaled for most events.  Our Pipe & Drape extends from 8' up to 14' tall for a properly scaled and more beautiful event.

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